Angkor 360° allows you to look around Angkor from a particular fixed vantage point.  The scenes below, drawn from the larger Visualising Angkor program, are designed to show brief moments in the life of Angkor that give you a sense of the sprawling scale of the city but also of what daily routines looked like. They contain a number of flyovers as well as more everyday scenes such as an architect inspects building work or an oxcart convoy travelling slowly along a forest road.


- Angkor Wat -

Angkor Wat in all its glory.

- Residential Flyover A -

Aerial camera over residences in Angkor Wat’s 4th enclosure.

- Residential Flyover B -

Aerial camera over residences in Angkor Wat’s 4th enclosure.

- Village Flyover -

A typical settlement on the periphery of Angkor.

- Bas Reliefs -

A sovereign paces the bas relief galleries of Angkor Wat.

- Construction -

An architect inspects work underway on Angkor Wat’s third enclosure


- On the Road -

A scene of daily life along a thoroughfare in the capital

- Convoy -

An oxcart convoy travels along a forest road.

- Paddies -

A view among the rice fields of the empire.

- Official Business -

An official on horseback talks to a village headman.

- Into the Temple -

A member of the royal family and his retinue proceed along the Angkor Wat causeway.

- Arrival -

Groups of Khmer enter Angkor Wat along the western causeway.

- Taking a Break -

A group of workers and their elephants rest outside the eastern side of the 3rd enclosure of Angkor Wat.